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Alpha and beta acids

Using spectrophotometry, determine the % concentration of alpha and beta acids in both fresh and stored hops. Can also determine hops storage index, % alpha acids lost, and original alpha acid %.

Time: 1HR
Reagents: 100 mL Toluene, 200 mL Methanol, NaOH


Specific Gravity

Using a hydrometer, determine specific gravity of beer before and/or after fermentation.

Time: 0.25 HR
Reagents: none

Alcohol by volume

Using distillation, determine the ABV of any alcoholic liquid.

Time: 2 HR
Reagents: distilled water

Real Extract

The inverse of ABV. Using distillation, determine the amount of sugars/unfermentables in beer.

Time: ABV+0.25 HR
Reagents: distilled water

Original Wort Extract

Using the ABV and real extract, find ° Plato of original wort.

Time: ABV + Real Extract
Reagents: none

Real Degree of Fermentation

Calculate RDF by using original wort extract and real extract.

Time: Real extract
Reagents: none


Using pH meter, determine the pH of wort or beer throughout the brewing process.

Time: 0.5 HR
Reagents: none


Using spectrophotometry, determine the color of your beer in SRM.

Time: 0.5 HR
Reagents: none

Beer Bitterness

Using spectrophotometry, determine the IBU of beer.

Time: 1HR
Reagents: 10 mL HCl, 50 mL isooctane, 1 mL octanol

ISO Alpha Acid Concentration

Using spectrophotometry, determine the [IAA] of beer. IAAs are what give the beer the hoppy aroma.

Time: 1 HR
Reagents: 10 mL HCl, 20 mL isooctane, 1 mL octanol, 200 mL methanol, NaOH


Vitality and viability

Can identify and troubleshoot any yeast problem to low attenuation, proper pitch rate, the whole shebang. Some examples: killer yeast identification, giant yeast morphology, sporulation, cell counts/viability, infection by microbes. Any yeast problem, we can deal with.

Time: ~1 HR for each process
Reagents: specific agar medias